Vicchi Oleski is a gentle, loving, grounded, skilled holistic health professional.She cares deeply for the people she works with and helps them see and feel the wholeness within themselves that may have been obscured by their health challenges.  Working with Ms. Oleski is an opportunity for a person to re-connect with their life purpose, their body wisdom, and the next steps they need to take to heal and evolve.

Ed Bauman, M.Ed., Ph.D., Founder and President of Bauman College, Director, Bauman Wellness
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I want to pay tribute to Vicchi Oleski for creating SoCoHA!, SoCoHA is a beautiful healing space.  I recommend Vicchi to anyone who desires a thoroughly transformative healing session. She is an impossibly wise and compassionate counselor and her bodywork and intuitive energy clearing are amazing! You will leave her space with body, mind and spirit completely refreshed and renewed! AT LEAST 5 STARS AND ALL THUMBS UP!!

Nansee Greenwich,  Artist and Local  Loved Community Member

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“Vicchi’s gentle and insightful ways helped soften my ragged edges and opened my heart to a deeper love and appreciation for myself. I’m still the same person, but now see myself as 100 percent more awesome! This new sense of confidence and pride has opened doors in both my personal and professional life. Thank you Vicchi, for introducing me to the ally that has always stood unacknowledged beside me: my own body. Once you taught me how to listen to her, she hasn’t stopped talking. And she is really smart.”

Susan Hagen, Author and Writing Guide     SusanHagen.com

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“I recommend anyone who wants to explore and dig a little deeper into the mind/body connection, Vicchi brings you out of the dark and into the light, it’s really quite amazing.”
Carlie J Wilkerson

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“Vicchi had an intuitive sense of connection to my body’s need. She also has the skills to feel the direction of my unwinding and my energy to settle down to the healing at a deep level. Her work supports my growth creativity.”

Jerry Green  www.GreenerMediations.net

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“Professional and intuitive…, Vicchi has helped me work through several acute problems extremely fast. She understands that healing can occur instantaneously and it does when we work together.  Other healers can stir up my problems and thoughts about problems making me more aware of my discomfort. Vicchi cuts through the story and reaches into the heart of the matter allowing my body/mind to release and evolve. She is definitely a part of my regular health care plan!.”

Dr. Laura Polak, D.C.   www.drlaurapolak.com


“Vicchi’s intuitive awareness of where blockages are stored in the body is excellent! Once she assesses your body, spirit and emotional state, she quickly goes to the areas that need adjustment and comfort. Vicchi*s focus of attention is directly with you.  Whenever your care extends beyond your session, she follows up  with you by phone or e-mail.  Her assets are many  but are highlighted by the fact that her meetings and appointments with her clients are punctual and one can count on always being aware that you are number one.”

Zak Zaikine

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“I have been visiting Vicchi for a few months now, and the results are outstanding! Not only is my ageing physical body able to keep up with my very active lifestyle with more ease, I*m also learning how to let go of the mental stressors during the sessions as well!  Vicchi is a well grounded, fascinating healing practitioner whom I highly recommend. Vicch is truly a jewel.   With gratitude.”

Jane Kurtz

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“It is my pleasure to highly recommend the services of Vicchi Oleski. Over the years, I have been privileged to have experienced some of the finest Therapists/Bodyworkers in a broad spectrum of healing modalities, From Rolfing (Ida worked on me as a demonstration model) to traditional Swedish, Thai and other forms. Vicchi, is easily among the finest BodyMind work practitioners I have encountered. Her ability to connect with me on multiple levels and in various dimensions is remarkable, her technical skills top notch. I have been thrilled with Vicchi’s ability to heal and envigorate me.”

Daniel Kahane, Musician
Graton, California

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“Working with Vicchi surpassed my expectations from the first phone conversation. Our work together helped me integrate the many aspects of life with Self. The result of our work together, caused an immediate sense of self-confidence and self-trust that continues. Vicchi’s style of consulting, to me, is a grown up, enlightened version of therapy.”

Julie Christianson, Writer, Founder of Red Thread Studio
Santa Rosa, California


“Working with Vicchi, helped create the breakthrough I needed during a life transition. Through her unique combination of consulting and bodywork she enabled me to continue with the process of change when I had come to a standstill. Vicchi’s kindness and compassion created a healing environment where difficult issues could be safely and often playfully addressed.”

Eileen Schaller, Artist
Philadelphia, PA.


“I entered the consulting/coaching relationship with Vicchi, having the goal of creating a new work life and ended the sessions having grown in all areas of my life. Almost immediately, my energy improved and enthusiasm for the transition returned. I went from being an Operations Manager to more satisfying and creative work that combines teaching, time to do fine art and utilization of my organizational skills. The Bodywork and NLP processes helped relieve my chronic knee pain caused by injuries and arthritis. My work and home life are balanced and my energy and enthusiasm continue to stay high.”

Sonia Smith-Royce, HomeMaker
San Francisco, Califorinia

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“The healing effects of Vicchi’s work are ongoing emotionally and physically. She is a caring sensitive person, who is gifted in her use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Bodywork.”

Tomas Benyo, Carpenter-Inventor
Cotati, California


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