Sonoma County Healing Academy welcomes you to a life of vitality and full creative expression.

Becoming a better individual, recovering from illness or leading a business that breaths integrity, joy and
fulfillment requires a deep inner foundation as well as resilience. This is why SoCoHA feels education, inspiration and healing are key components for healthy Life Solutions. Meeting and exceeding the needs of clients is paramount at Sonoma County Healing Academy. Providers acknowledge that exercising that stretch goes beyond ones’ present perspective and opens into a far greater reach of possibility, deep beauty and unstoppable imagination.


In ancient and present times, mystics, shamans, medicine folk knew to practice the Healing Arts and Sciences.  Intuitively recognizing that a unified approach towards healing offers solution centered outcomes that opens one to receive (and perceive) the revolutionary benefits of the universal healing energy that resides in each human being.

The Healing Academy offers various energy medicines, therapies & creative-in-nature modalities that are offered to the general public


Community Heals

Community Heals is a no to low cost multi-disciplinary clinic in Sebastopol. Community Heals brings innovative, alternative and wholistic care to Sonoma County community based businesses and to the general mainstream public. Through various healing modalities, Community Heals staff offers educational and hands on services that inspire and empower the people they serve. Community Heals is affiliated with Sonoma County Healing Academy and is sponsored by Peace in Medicine.

Why Community Heals?

Affordable multi-disciplinary wholistic & innovative care is a crucial piece in bridging grassroots healing resources to mainstream communities.

How we work

Community Heals offers a low to no cost clinic in Sebastopol., California. The services offered are Acupuncture, Yoga, Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation classes, Writing as a Healing Practice, Classical Massage, Energy Medicine, Mindfulness Awareness Training, Speech and Acting Coaching, and Innerweavings: Experiential Learning and Counseling.

When: Tuesday 1-9pm, Wednesday & Thursday 11-3pm and Friday 9-5pm.

Where: 6741 Sebastopol Ave., #120, Sebastopol, Ca. 95472

Who we Serve

Community Heals serves all walks of Life through out Sonoma County. Each client that visits the clinic is accepted and seen as a unique and whole individual.. Conditions such as PTSD,  stress, anxiety, depression, grief, emotional trauma/upset, conflict management, weigh gain/loss, physical pain, environmental and food sensitivities are not treated but viewed as a symptom of a possible greater imbalance in ones life/system.

Want to Help, Or for more information

Contact Vicchi Oleski, curator of Community Heals

Tele: 707.799.8080   e/


Contact us at our main office to learn more and to speak to someone about booking an appointment/event and/or workshop.

Our  phone # is 707.799.8080


We love to hear from you.