Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Sebastopol.

NLP   Neuro Linguistic Programming, is the study of how we subjectively translate events into information, how we communicate with ourselves and with others and how this elicits a particular internal emotional response, which leads us to act or behave externally in a specific way.

-Neuro refers to the nervous system, the brain and network of nerves that store and carry information to and from the brain and how we use our five senses to translate experiences into thought processes and emotions, both consciously and unconsciously.

-Linguistic denotes the use of language to interpret and label our subjective experiences and how we describe those experiences to ourselves and to others.

-Programming is how we condition (program) ourselves to select and interpret information and respond in a particular way

NLP provides techniques that assist in:

  • Re-programming responses and behaviour in order to achieve better results.
  • Neutralizing negative beliefs and conditioning which may be sabotaging us.
  • Maximizing potential in any area of life.
  • Deeping connection with one self on a Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Psych/Social Level.

Originally NLP was created through modeling (recreating) the language, physiology and mental processes of outstanding therapists Fritz Perls (Gestalt therapy), Virginia Satir (Family therapy) and Dr. Milton Erickson (world-renowned psychotherapist and hypnotherapist).

NPL works by utilizing practical techniques that enable us to change and optimize the way we experience the world, respond emotionally to the experiences, create an internal physiological state and use this to move towards achieving our goals.

The brain does not differentiate between real and imagined events when adjusting our physiology to deal with them. NLP makes use of our most positive memories, personal resources and experiences to learn to recreate, at will, the positive internal states associated with these. It teaches us how to make constructive use of and even to ‘play’ with negative memories, thoughts and feelings, to neutralize their effects and learn from them. It develops our use of our imagination to help us create the life we want.

All that we are is the results of our thoughts. With our thoughts we create our world.

pict0What you can expect during an NLP session/consultation.

-explaining your current problems/ issues, you will be encouraged to describe your goals and the outcome you would like.

(It is important to describe these in positive terms, as things you want more of and wish to move towards, rather than the things you want less of or to leave behind).

-then you will be guided into relaxation and through a process of directing your mind (and body) to create an internal state in which you can vividly imagine experiencing the outcome you desire. This includes involving as many of your senses as possible and all the positive feelings and emotions associated with this outcome. This programs the unconscious to institute internal and external actions to bring it about.

- Holistic Health Practitioners use Bodywork, Energy Medicine, EFT and Yoga in sessions. These exceptional mind body medicines facilitate deeper states of awareness and awaken innate resourceful states that re-program the unconscious, unwind mental/emotional and physical tensions in the body.