Feeling is a acknowledgement of being conscious.  By consciously focusing/aligning ones attention towards health allows the energy to begin to support healing.  This mindset creates a neuro-pathway that informs the rest of your body and mind.  The nervous system, heart, and brain are then set in motion towards health and wholeness.  This pattern generates a positive neuro-physiological loop, aiding dramatically in recovery of illness, disease and depressing circumstances.  This is known as systemic healing and health can then be accomplished.


embodiedSpiritwork TM addresses:

*chronic fatigue/physical pain

*auto-immune deficiency



*emotional suffering/negativity

*limiting beliefs

*unfulfilled life purpose

*low self esteem-worth/blame

*over all lack and un-happiness



*Immediate better physical and emotional health

*harmonizes emotions and hormones

*balances blood sugar

*helps clear/settle mental chatter

*uses breath to release tension and improve the quality of life/posture

*expands awareness of ‘Life Force’- energy body

*deepening connection to self (and community)

*genuinely and effectively changes limiting thought patterns

*influences action towards resourceful choices.


embodiedSpiritwork TM is a term that best describes:

  • Transformation, ie; Change.
  • Emotional Integrity.
  • Traditional integrated approach to regain Wholeness and Vitality.
  • Unifies, harmonizes and balances the BodyMind.
  • Brings about greater awareness of one self, Community and their greater environment.

 embodiedSpiritwork TM is hands-on healing and combines NLP, (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Bodywork, Breath, Yoga and Energy Medicine. These evidence based practices supports the individual to integrate new patterns of wellness in all levels of being: physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological and mental.

 embodiedSpiritwork TM assists in a manner of re-educating the client towards clarity, intent and self-responsibility, To embody ones’ expression of good health.  The intention of embodiedSpiritwork is to engage the intrinsic Human ‘healing’ system, to restore the ‘common senses’, and to support the major systems within the body. 

 Clients feel empowered and experience immediate effective positive results.  Most helpful, is that clients receive profound positive direction towards lifes’ situations

embodiedSpiritwork TM  is a expression of Source, Universal Life Energy, prana, chi…, whole in nature and intelligently designed to heal!


We are living vital life source energy beyond our everyday experiences.  Discovering and touching into this knowing of living energy, breath/prana/chi, is enormous and ever life changing for most people.  The essential and fundamental truth about our human healing system is that we are whole, powerful and are able to access Universal Lfe Energy, the Truths that are reside our common senses