Take charge of your Life by re-Storing & re-Focusing your Energy.

We are on a journey towards realizing our Human and Social potential.  This colabrative movement between social and personal well-being is waking us up from a deep unconscious sleep, encouraging individuals, and communities to actualize a Living-waking DREAM.


Welcome to my website.  My name is Vicchi Oleski and I am passionate about my work, serious about helping YOU re-gain your personal authority with your Health, Healing and Wholeness.


From the beginning, together, we meet via phone/skype or in person, then come into agreement and procede

  • Create and map out a plan
  • Develop personal signature strategies, that are unique to each individual
  • Use techniques that combine mind and body modalities (such as Hands On NLP Coaching, Energy Healing, Yoga Therapy, Bodywork and Energy Psychology)

Change occurs immediately, effortlessly and requires support.  (Monthly, quarterly and semi-yearly plans all include a discounted pre-pay price).

Many of us in the Healing Art and Science Professions are joined, locally and globally we are building, bringing forth Innovative, Helpful, Successful and Science Body based technologies that are at the fore front of the New 21st Century healthcare model.

My vision is to have clients:

  • Experience inner balance
  • Embody self-empowering beliefs/behaviours
  • Live on purpose and with emotional/physical ease


My personal & professional mission is to have Community based selfHealth education that lead clients to Mindful, practical & innovative strategies that widen our imaginative knowledge about Consciousness, Beauty and Health.

“Underlying all my work is a profound awareness that we are all members of creative universal life energy, Source. I have made it my life’s work to help people re-member themselves, to gather, heal the outcast parts of themselves, and to activate the Healing Wisdom of their Bodies and Minds”.